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Matching challenge

Can you match the adjectives with their definitions?
Give a shot and have fun!

1. Clandestine
2. Callous
3. Resilient
4. Evident
5. Overwhelming
6. Unrivalled
7. Paltry
8. Congested

a) planned or done in secret, especially describing something that is not officially allowed
b) eminent beyond or above comparison
c) crowded to excess; overfull
d) able to be happy, successful, etc. again after something difficult or bad has happened
e) overpowering in effect or strength
f) (of an amount of money ) very small and of little or no value; of little quality or value
g) unkind, cruel, and without sympathy or feeling for other people; controversial
h) easily seen or unerstood

Now check your answers!

The group held weekly clanestine meetings in a church.
He’s been having a clandestine affair with his secretary fr three years.

2 g
Look, not to sound too callous, but why should I care what you need?
The events I’m about to recount may seem extraordinary, callous, criminal, even.

3 d
Only a very small percent are resilient to its effects.
It is true that women are more resilient to the current crisis in terms of job losses.

4 h
The fall-out from the financial crisis is still very much evident in Iceland.
In individual cases, only some of these symptoms and/ or findings may be evident.

5 e
We must accept the difficulties that we are facing; the scientific evidence is now overwhelming.
The report was adopted in committee by an overwhelming majority (44 to 4).

6 b
Mr President, I would like to say that the Belgian Presidency has been a wonderful and unrivalled example of how the EU works.
This was an unrivalled opportunity for us to update the European Union regulation in an area which directly affects us all: food.

7 f
David Hockney once complained that photography was a paltry art because its angle on the world is restricted to what the camera sees at the moment of exposure: unlike painting, a photograph can make no space for time.

8 c
You oughta see how congested the city’s gettin’ to be.
This cigarette’s made my chest all congested.
It’s when you charge a premium for people to drive on congested roads